Tasty & Easy Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board

Valentines Day Charcuterie board heart shaped brownies chocolate covered strawberries dipped marshmallows

Quick, easy, and tasty is always my favorite way to make a gathering extra special, let’s make a charcuterie board. Find a Food Theme Sweet treats, salty foods, snacks, premade, homemade, or even meal foods. The options are limitless. I love to use foods with similar colors, I mean it is valentines so pink and […]

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Quick & Easy Valentine’s Day Tablescape

Romantic valentines day table set with candles, flowers, pink and white dishes, pink lace fabric for a table runner

A pretty table doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. So let’s set a quick and easy Valentine’s Day Tablescape. Let’s Set The Table The Basics For me the key to any Tablescapes is having a great set of basics. I am sure its not shocking to you to know to me basics are a […]

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Got Old Jeans? Let’s use them in a tablescape!

got old jeans, lets diy a tie for napkins with them! white napkins with jean ties

The seasons are ever changing, & so are my tables. Let’s get creative and create something new from something we already have! Got old jeans? Thinking outside the box. With a house full of girls with ever changing style, we always seem to have jeans no one wants any more. Not to mention with me […]

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How to Make a Fun Fall Charcuterie Board

fall charcuterie board with apples for dipping caramel chocolate gram crackers chocolate peanut butter cups ginger snaps

I love making treats extra special especially in the fall. Let’s take some ordinary snacks and make them memorable and fun! Favorite Early Fall Eats When it’s the height of apple season nothing says fall more to me. Apples are sweeter crisper and just seem to have more flavor this time of year. There are […]

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Let’s DIY! Got Old Books & Old Silverware?

family dinner table with vintage books, silverware, tool box full of hydrangeas vintage dishes on display

Do you have a bunch of old books just laying around? Let’s create something special to add a fun touch to a tablescape! Pretty Tables It’s no secret one of my favorite things to do is set a pretty table. Creating beautiful tables does not have to cost a fortune. Adding in the same elements […]

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Study the Fruits of the Spirit, LOVE

sunrise in an open field with coffee mug ready to start a new day

God lays out just what He wants in our lives. Let’s dig in and study the fruits of the spirit love. And find our strengths & weaknesses together. Last Friday I shared the start of my study into the Fruits of the Spirit, catch up and read last week’s post. Love must always be understood […]

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