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My love for flowers & vintage finds come together to create something fun. See how I make a planter from a vintage chicken feeder.

Y’all there is nothing I love more than finding a vintage treasure for a super good deal.

Well maybe repurposing that find into something extra special.

And y’all this year growing flowers really makes me happy.

Ok I found this chicken feeder when I was in Granbury with my sweet friend Jessica from the.old.barn.

It was $8 and 5 feet long, I could not walk away.

Honestly when I was standing there thinking about what I was going to do with it, flowers popped in my head and I knew right away.

Make Your Own Planter

You can turn almost anything into a planter.

My first step was to wash my chicken feeder.

Then I grabbed my drill and added hole about every 4 inches to allow for drainage, which is key.

Picking a Dirt.

For this project I choose a potting mix because I wanted it to hold water.

I also really wanted these vincas to grow really quickly so I knew Miracle Grow was the way to go.

For my garden with foods I choose to go as organic as possible so I opted out on the Miracle Grow.

Over the last year I have really learned the dirt is a key component to success.

Picking What to Plant.

Last summer I added vincas to my front flower bed and the lasted and lasted until mid November here.

We have a super long growing season here in Texas, that is if they can with stand the crazy summer heat!

I knew vinca was the answer to filling this chicken feeder and they would fill in and last for a good while.

I went back and added a few more flowers, I didn’t quite feel like it was full enough.

In a few weeks I will probably remove a few to help make room for the new ones that will pop up.

There are a few ideas of where else this cutie might end up, so be sure to be checking my Instagram.

Be watching for a post to see how I use this on a tablescape, here is a peek.

I mean did you have any doubts that would be where I’d use it?

To see the full details of one of my favorite spring tablescapes chlick here.

And the how to for those cute repurposed napkin ties, here they are.

There is another spot I am thinking about putting this cutie, can you guess?

What will you make into your own planter?

I have teamed up with some of my favorite friends to share some fabulous spring DIY’s, be sure to check them out!

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Do you know my friend Brendt? She is the sweetest, and so encouraging I was lucky enough to get to met her in person last summer and spend a great amount of time with her! Here she made the most fabulous planter boxes.

Do you know Cindy, she is another Texas girl who loves to create. She made the cutest hive ever, I am thinking I so need to make some of these for a tablescape after I move!

Oh my sweet friends Robyn takes the cake, she has a heart of gold, the best encourager ever and a love for God like no other. She made the most creative architectural salvage wall vases, I will definitely be making these!

Have you met Jessica, she is the project queen always has something new happening! She created these diy cement look alike planters, aren’t they great.

Carol make the coolest DIYs ever, she is so fun and has so much to teach! She shares 3 spring DIYs that you are definitely going to want to try.

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