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Digging in and studying God’s word. We can do this alone or with the help of devotionals, let’s talk about some of my favorites.

Seasons Of Life

Each season or chapter of our lives brings new ways to grow closer to HIM.

New ways we soar and new ways we struggle, we are never finished growing and learning.

Some seasons are full of hard and yucky, and the joy is hidden but if you dig you can find it.

Other seasons are full of easy and happiness and joy shines bright easily.

Bloom in whatever season you are planted in!


Unshakable by Christine Caine, is a 365 devotions for finding unwavering strength in God’s word.

In the last year I have seen first hand how God is bigger than what I can see.

The only way to overcome your fears and shame is to lean in and let HIM take over.

This devotional helped me find my self confidence again and ground myself in HIM.

Believing Bigger

100 Days of Believing Bigger by Marshawn Evans Daniels, is 100 devotions to help find yourself in God.

Wrap yourself in HIS love, learn to quite the doubt and fear and lean into HIM.

Stop limiting yourself and follow HIS great plans for you, they are bigger than you can imagine.

This one helped me find a depth in my faith like never before.


Prayer Journal For Women by Sharron Roberts, this is a weekly guided prayer journal.

To be honest I didn’t think this was something for me, but almost 40,000 people gave it 5 stars.

This prayer journal forever changed my prayer life, one thing I have kept up with is writing down answered prayers.

How often do we only focus on what we need and not what we have already been given.

I love to give this one as a gift.


Everyday Prayers for Joy by Gina L. Smith, is a 30 day devotional for finding Joy.

I’ve been in a season of unknown for awhile and this helped me dig for joy in the dark days.

Joy is something that can be found deep deep in our hearts.

Great gift for anyone walking through a hard season.

Healing Soul

Healing the Soul of a Woman by Joyce Meyers a devotional for overcoming emotional wounds.

Y’all this one was a gift and not something I would’ve picked out for myself, however it has helped me heal in ways I did not know I needed to.

It’s a 90 day devotional, and its hard work, but its one that you can start and stop as needed.

There were several days that hit me hard and I needed to dig in a little deeper.

This is a great one for overcoming deep emotional hurts, hands down one of my all time favorites.

Do the Work

Draw into HIM, let HIM lead you, rely on HIM, HE never changes.

Do you have a favorite devotional or a topic of a devotional your looking for?

If so drop it in the comments, I love to explore new devotions and research.

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